Jackson sees value, importance in community bank

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Jackson sees value, importance in community bank

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MANDEVILLE – Denise Jackson has watched the changes in the banking system for many years and it is the reason she remains settled at a true community bank like Florida Parishes Bank.
Jackson is a Senior Vice-President and Commercial Lender for Florida Parishes Bank at its newest location at 2909 Hwy. 190 in Mandeville.
She has been in financial services almost 30 years since she got a start with a finance company at the age of 17 in the Cooperative Office Education program at East Ascension High School in Gonzales.
Today, working as a trusted commercial lender with Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Joe Omner at Florida Parishes Bank, she knows there is a big difference between the true local bank, and the national lenders.
“More and more the big, national banks are centralizing operations and your loan request is automated, often out of state. When you come to FPB someone looks at every request. We really do have relationships with every one of our customers,” she said. “That’s what has kept the community banks in business—the decisions are being made by people like ourselves who are hands-on. With us, if a loan makes sense we find a way to mitigate the risk and get it done. But if we have to say ‘no,’ we tell you why and then try to find a way to say ‘yes.’”
After graduating high school and attending Southeastern Louisiana University, Jackson worked for 15 years at several different lending institutions. She opened several offices for one financial services company, and supervised 40 people while a District Manager for a national company, working in many areas.
In 2000 she was hired by Omner at the former Parish National Bank and in Nov., 2013 was teamed up with Omner again at Florida Parishes Bank.

“The difference in banking with FPB is the personal attention and decision making that comes with the relationship that develops between customer and banker. We really do care and ‘can’ make a difference!” Jackson said.

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