Fishing Report – November 30

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Fishing Report – November 30

Trestles Dilemma

The Trestles is usually a sure thing when it comes to catching speckled trout in November, However this month hasn’t yielded the same results than in the past. Captain Andy Jones of Wicked Charters says while the trout aren’t as plentiful as in years past, the sheepshead are thick on the bridges. “We had to work for the trout the last few days but if you like a good fight – man we caught some real monster sheepshead out there! We had a blast!” he says. Not only is Captain Andy catching sheepshead, but he says the freshwater catfish have made their way to the bridges as well. “We actually picked up some really nice blue cats while trolling. It’s amazing to see them slam these rods down while we’re dragging baits,” Jones says.

Doug Mauro of Hammond has been fishing the Trestles every fall. He recently made a trip to the usually dependable bridge in search of speckled trout. “I used plastics but live shrimp under slip cork was our only producer,” he says. Doug ended up with 2 big trout and a few large sheepshead all caught on the south end of the Trestles. “I’m not sure what’s going on at Trestles. The water is 8 out of 10 and some places 10 out of 10. The trout should be all over the bridges,” Mauro says.

Greg Guilliot made a trip to the Trestles to try his hand at trolling. “I launched in the Eden Isles Marina at 9:30 and hit the bridge just below the draw,” he says. Greg says he immediately started hooking up fish. “I caught 7 very nice fish the first hour then the tide started ripping and bite died. I should have gotten out earlier,” Guilliot says. The angler was using two rod’s with different lures. He describes his setup, “One rod had a 3/4 oz. chrome/blue/back Rat-L-Trap with a B53 chartreuse trailer on it. The other was rigged with a sinking MirrOlure and a B53 trailer. All fish hit the MirrOlure pole. Two fish were caught on the MirrOlure and 5 on the trailer,” Greg says.

Carr Drive Canals

Roger Sissac had no intention of fishing when all of a sudden a conversation among friends turned to just that. So Roger headed to the bait shop to pick up some live crickets. “I called my hog trapping buddy Trentis White and asked if he wanted to join me and he said yes, so he came right away,” Sissac says. The friends hit the water armed with 50 live crickets and began their search for perch at 1:30 p.m. in the Carr Dr. finger canals. “The first canal we tried was slow at first but then we started catching some so we moved in search of more active ones.  We went to another canal where it again began slow until they started biting. We caught a bunch there!” Roger says. After putting a mess of perch in the boat, Roger said, “Let’s try to get some bass!” So the team started throwing bass baits. “Trentis used some crazy lures and hooked a few bass. I had was a buzz-bait sitting on the dash so I put it on and we bass’ed for awhile and caught a few,” Sissac says.  At the end of the day Roger and Trentis ended up with 21 perch and 4 bass. “Trentis really enjoyed himself catching perch and bass,” Roger says.

Aquatic Volunteer Instructors Needed

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is currently seeking Aquatic Volunteer Instructors. As an Aquatic Volunteer Instructor, you will go through an 8-hour workshop that will prepare you for holding your own fishing clinics, volunteering at an LDWF event or teaching your students about fisheries science. Some of the topics covered are fishing basics, fisheries management, fish identification, invasive species and fishing/boating safety. All volunteers that attend this training will be supplied a binder with lesson plans, activity guides and other educational resources. You will also have access to our loaner kits that will contain the materials needed to teach these different topics. The loaner kits range from dissection kits to arts and crafts to fishing poles with tackle. The next course will be held on Wednesday, December 13th. If you have any questions about the Aquatic Volunteer Instructor Program, please contact Alayna McGarry at or 504-286-4050.




Pear River Team Trails is holding its next tournament on December 9th at the East Pearl River. For more information please contact Charles Dauzat at 985-960-6936.


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