Fishing Report – December 7

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Fishing Report – December 7

Great Wall of


One of the best bets for catching speckled trout in December is the flood wall in Chalmette that spans the Incracoastal Waterway. Less than average trout production at the Trestles this year has sent anglers down Chef Menteur Highway in search of those silver wonders that bring Christmas joy to so many saltwater fishermen. Luke O’Neal of Mandeville teamed up with his friend, Harrison Jambon, and Harrison’s girlfriend, Madalyn Giambelluca, for a routine trip to the iconic winter fishing destination. Trolling motor problems with Luke’s boat caused the friends to take Harrison’s boat and it didn’t take long before they were pulling in fish in the shadows of the monstrous wall. “The water was crystal clear and falling and I caught a trout on the second cast using Matrix Shad on a jig head – it was on after that!” Luke says. The team was well on their way to catching a limit when they started experiencing motor trouble. “I must be bad luck or something because the trolling motor quit working around trout #40 but we managed to catch a 3-man limit with a few bass mixed in by 11:00 with the anchor down,” O’Neal says. Luke reminds anglers to slow down their retrieve with the colder water conditions. “The key for us was to slowly work the lure.”

Bayou Lacombe

Dusty Hilzana of Denham Springs made a trip to the usually dependable Trestles where he soon found himself looking for a backup plan. “I started the morning early, launching at Tite’s near the Trestles. I began to fish inbetween the Trestles and got skunked. Nothing was biting for anyone at the time. I wasn’t even getting bites using dead shrimp on the bottom,” Hilzana says. The disappointed angler decided on another location to try and save his trip. “I decided to go to Bayou Lacombe. The bass bite was slow, but I was able to catch 6 bass (4 keepers and 2 released) and then was able to catch 4 reds (2 keepers and 2 released).” he says. The decision to fish the bayou saved his trip and Dusty says, “All in all it was a pretty nice holiday weekend with awesome weather and slow, but steady action!”

ICW Posted


The ongoing saga of posted marshland along the Intracoastal Waterway continues to be sorted out. Last month posted signs stating “No Fishing, No Hunting, No Trespassing” were spotted along the shoreline of a stretch of marsh from The Wall in Chalmette to the Rigolets. Questions as to whether or not anglers could fish the canals and tranasses that protruded into the marsh were abundant. While this is still an ongoing situation some questions have been answered. According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the fishing restrictions will not be enforced by their agents neither during duck season of thereafter. Calls have been placed to the Orleans Sheriff’s Office as well and they were unaware of the signs and replied with the same statement.

Aquatic Volunteer Instructors Needed

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is currently seeking Aquatic Volunteer Instructors. As an Aquatic Volunteer Instructor, you will go through an 8-hour workshop that will prepare you for holding your own fishing clinics, volunteering at an LDWF event or teaching your students about fisheries science. Some of the topics covered are fishing basics, fisheries management, fish identification, invasive species and fishing/boating safety. All volunteers that attend this training will be supplied a binder with lesson plans, activity guides and other educational resources. You will also have access to our loaner kits that will contain the materials needed to teach these different topics. The loaner kits range from dissection kits to arts and crafts to fishing poles with tackle. The next course will be held on Wednesday, December 13th. If you have any questions about the Aquatic Volunteer Instructor Program, please contact Alayna McGarry at or 504-286-4050.



Pear River Team Trails is holding its next tournament on December 9th at the East Pearl River. For more information please contact Charles Dauzat at 985-960-6936.


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