“AWESOME WILDLIFE EFFORT” TV SHOW Features Northshore Residents

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“AWESOME WILDLIFE EFFORT” TV SHOW Features Northshore Residents

During October, The Krewe of AWE will air a four part documentary called “Awesome Wildlife Effort”.   The show is designed to bring attention to the large number of vanishing species on the planet, the 5,000 square mile Hypoxic Zone or “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico just south of Louisiana, and finding solutions to these challenges.

In worldwide waters there are more than 400 Hypoxic Zones, 200 of which are in the US, with the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico the second largest in the world.

Hypoxia, or oxygen depletion, is an environmental phenomenon where the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water column decreases to a level that can no longer support living aquatic organisms.

Fertilizer and sewage contain phosphorus and nitrogen which are excellent food for algae.  The bacteria that feed on dead algae consume the oxygen in the water to the point other species can not survive.

The show will start airing in early October.  October 4th is both the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and World Animal Day.

AWE interviewed Rick Aubrey of Tulane University’s Social Philanthropy program.  Tulane has created a $1,000,000.00 Grand Challenge to open to both individuals and companies that can offer a solution to reducing Hypoxic Zones.

The show was created by the Krewe of AWE, a Northshore Community Foundation Field of Interest Fund, and seeks to put a positive spin on the situations by showing the “Awesome Wildlife Efforts” being made to address wildlife issues.

Host of the show is Northshore Financial Advisor Charles Marsala, who authored the book “6 Steps to Financial Legacy.”  The show looks at the Legacies being created by Wildlife enthusiasts.

Production Manager is Joey Harmon.  Harmon is responsible for the show’s filming, editing, graphic design, web design and social media presence.

Marsala’s first guests are Northshore residents Minister Bonnie Poirier of the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi and Fine Artist Anne E. London. A later episode will feature the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom.

Initial funding is being provided by Northshore companies Alpha Mortgage, Mugshots, and Dr. and Mrs. William Weed.  Other sponsors include Antoine’s, The Monteleone Hotel, Flettrich Engineering, Trombatore Law, Rachael Ortero, Helen Sigur, and Joey Harmon.

Kenner based outdoor metal Sculpture Artist Hernan Caro is donating proceeds from the sale of two 16’ high wildlife pieces to the production cost of the series.

Following each episode an hour long film produced by Derick and Beverly Joubert of Africa will be aired.  The Jouberts have made more than 20 films for National Geographic and recently started Rhinos Without Borders to move 100 Rhinos to a safer place in Africa to prevent poaching.

Besides awareness of the Tulane Challenge, a purpose of “Awesome Wildlife Effort” is to raise funds for Rhinos Without Borders.

Sponsors to the TV show, could receive to a trip to Africa for two. Donations are through the Northshore Community Foundation.

Marsala remarked, “The Jouberts have provided the films for the October series.  Funds raised will go to WLAE, The Krewe of AWE’s Adoption program, Rhinos Without Borders, additional interviews, and showing future films of the Jouberts.”

The show will feature interviews with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, the Gulf Restoration Network, Friends of Grand Isle, Chimp Haven, former elephant trainer Joey Ratliff, Krewe of Kolossos founder Katrina Brees, and Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni.

Krewe of AWE board members Teryl Flettrich and Vincent Trombatore will be interviewed regarding the Endangered Species Adoption Program, Mardi Gras floats, and advocacy efforts to pass Senate Bill S-27 and House Resolution 2494 on Wildlife Trafficking and Global Anti-poaching.

In 2014, the Krewe of AWE organized petitions for Congress to make Wildlife Trafficking a RICO crime to deter poaching. Packages were sent to Congress in November 2014.  In January and May Bills were introduced in Congress, but support is still not sufficient for passage. As more evidence educates that poaching supports terrorism it is hoped that Congressional support will grow.

For more information visit www.AWE.news or www.KreweofAWE.org

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