‘White Linen Night’ is sure to be a fun event

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‘White Linen Night’ is sure to be a fun event

If you’re looking for a party you won’t have to look any further than Saturday night in downtown Covington.

The third annual “Covington White Linen Night for Public Art” will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. on the downtown streets, particularly with some areas of Lee Lane and Columbia Street completely blocked off from traffic.

The evening promises to be one crazy party with virtually everyone dressed in white. You will find live music here and there, specialty cocktails and food served throughout the downtown district, plus special pricing on gift and retail shops—all to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to the Public Art for Covington Fund.

What has that fairly new committee been doing with the money they have been raising for the past three years?

They will be unveiling an incredible $60,000 sculpture of famed writer Walker Percy, who lived for over 30 years in Covington. Percy is known for his years walking the streets and frequenting the restaurants in the city, but has never received such a magnificent commemoration for the work he did.

Percy received the National Book Award in 1962 for “The Moviegoer” and penned five novels and three non-fiction books. There are many stories I’ve heard about Percy heading a weekly meeting of artists and writers at local restaurants where they discussed their ideas, motivation and work.

Bill Binnings was a longtime friend of Percy and was among those who used to meet the writer in town, so it seemed appropriate when the Public Art committee selected his sketch and proposal to create the sculpture that took nearly two years to finish.

Binnings previously created a sculpture of Percy that now sits at the Madisonville Library, but the Public Art committee still believed that Percy needed to be seen in a high profile area in Covington. The official announcement of where the sculpture will be set has suggested he will be found in Bogue Falaya Park in the coming months.

Show your support for Covington and its continual effort to create a cultural arts community here. It’s something so many people benefit from, and to that end we have to hand out some very large props to the Public Art committee, which now faces the challenge of deciding what the number two project will be.




Little Henry made his debut at our house this week.

That would be grandchild number seven for my wife and I.

My son Michael and his wife Lauren made a visit to our Slidell home for the first time since Henry was born. He is the first child for the young couple who live in Oklahoma City.

The four adults took Henry out to dinner on Saturday night at a packed restaurant that was full of people. I know that when I am sitting at a nice place for dinner and someone comes in with a 5-month-old baby I usually wonder if it’s going to be a problem for the evening.

We’ve all been through those times that parents bring little children, or babies, out to a restaurant and spend the evening trying to keep them quiet or under control.

That was not a problem with Henry and my wife and I are still wondering how a still-new baby could sit there so peacefully for over two hours, well past his bedtime until after 9 p.m., and never get fussy at all. I promise, never!

No, I’m not making it up to make my grandchildren sound like the greatest ever. For that matter, the five days they stayed with us it seemed Henry never got too upset about anything. Whether that is the fact he is a naturally calm baby still shouldn’t count. We all know that babies have plenty of reasons to start crying.

At least for the night at the restaurant Henry never did. He just sat there as quiet and calm as could be and made sure we had a wonderful evening with the kids. Maybe it was the fact he is their only child and they take him everywhere they go or maybe they are going to be very lucky parents who have a little boy who doesn’t want to make any trouble—either way, that is one good baby!

Whatever the reason, we continued to marvel about how calm this little fellow was the entire time he was with us. Even having to sleep in a different bedroom and crib didn’t bother him too much.

The stay in Slidell ended with everyone in our family and a few friends getting to finally meet Henry. He is already seeing that he has a lot of relatives and that just keeps life interesting and fun.


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