This birthday party won’t get rained out!

chrissycsmith July 11, 2014 Comments Off on This birthday party won’t get rained out!
This birthday party won’t get rained out!

I have terrible luck planning children’s birthday parties, but I am telling you people. IT ENDS NOW.
Two years in a row I planned a birthday party for my daughter at the Abita Springs playground. If you’ve never been, Abita has a wonderful playground with a splash pad nearby. It’s a great party venue because the covered area is right in the middle of everything, so parents can sit on a picnic bench and munch on party food while watching their children play. Or they can run around like their hair is on fire chasing injury-prone toddlers, which is what I do at the park.
So like I said. Two years, two parties planned for Abita Springs, both with long guest lists because hey, it’s the park, let’s invite everyone we know!
And both years, we woke up to rain. So we hemmed and hawed and asked ourselves, should we move the party indoors? How will we let everyone know? Wait, the weather is improving, let’s not move it. Gah! Rain drops! We’re moving it! No, I see sunshine, let’s stick with the park. AHHH! Black skies! We’re moving it! Until my husband finally said ENOUGH can we please commit to something, so we cleaned our house in record time (shoved everything into our bedroom and locked the door) and prepared for a party at home. And because I am nothing if not thoughtful, I sent my husband down to the playground with an umbrella so he could redirect all the parents to our house. You know, because it makes sense that people would drive to the playground to attend a birthday party in the pouring rain. (Note sarcasm.)
Well. It turns out parents will bring their children to an outdoor party in the pouring rain, but only IF IT’S NOT ACTUALLY RAINING. Which it wasn’t. Because it quit raining about 20 minutes after we decided WE’RE MOVING THE PARTY, CASE CLOSED, SEND OUT THE TEXTS!
In the end, a bazillion kids flooded our home–the place we absolutely did NOT want to have the party, hello, that is why we planned it at the playground–and ran around like banshees through our house and in our backyard in the not-rain.
This is why I claim to have bad luck planning children’s birthday parties.
“Let’s not have my birthday party at the park anymore because it always rains,” my daughter told me.
“It does,” I agreed.
“Except it really didn’t rain because at my party we all played on the trampoline.” She seemed confused.
It is confusing, indeed.
But not this year. Because my son who is turning 4 this weekend is having his birthday party indoors at a lovely venue that will remain nameless. I will say that it resembles a children’s casino, but without the blackjack, and it rhymes with “Lucky Fleas.” I don’t particularly care for Lucky Fleas because I don’t think children should be gambling, and also it is very loud in there. I’m kidding about the gambling, unless you count the gamble one takes with one’s sanity while there. But that matters not, because kids LOVE IT. They go absolutely bonkers bananas over Lucky Fleas, because what it lacks in slot machines it makes up for in games! And tickets! With which you can redeem prizes, like a roll of Smarties or maybe even a plastic thimble-like thing with googly eyes.
My kid is so crazy excited about his upcoming party, he has cried himself to sleep multiple nights this week because tomorrow is not his birthday. Sometimes it is very hard to be 3-almost-4.
And so, with this party I will end my streak of rained-out events that were not actually rained out and about which I harbor no bitterness even though it happened two years in a row. TWO YEARS IN A ROW.
Happy birthday, Mark. I am glad you are not turning 4 outdoors in the rain that isn’t really rain. I hope your party is everything you’ve been wishing, hoping and hollering for all the livelong week.

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