Take time to give thanks for your blessings

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Take time to give thanks for your blessings

Happy Thanksgiving.
I assume most of you will be reading the paper on the evening before Thanksgiving or perhaps on Thursday when you have a little time to relax a bit.
Interesting that we have certain holidays that are a reminder to say thanks to our veterans, celebrate an anniversary of a loved one, say “Happy Birthday” to a friend, and for Christians, celebrate the birth of our Savior.
The truth is that I am like most of you—needing a reminder to say “thanks” for our blessings.
We’re all pretty familiar with the major holidays—Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day—but you might be surprised how many other “special days” there are on the calendar.
I have often noted that many of the special days seem to have been invented by some smart business person, seeing an opportunity to make a buck. I mean, how many of us have agreed that Valentine’s Day had to be made by some guy wanting to sell presents, flowers, candies—you name it—all in the name of “reminding” people to show their loved one how much they mean.
What about greeting cards? Who came up with that idea? Do we really need to go out and buy a card to say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary?”
My wife was always big on getting our four children to make cards for birthdays or special events. Since she homeschooled all four of our kids she had a captive audience and it was probably a better day in school when she said, “make your dad a card for his birthday,” rather than doing more of the usual school work.
Are you surprised that my wife has saved every card the kids have ever made for her? But truthfully, they are priceless to read now, many years after our three little girls and one son have grown into young adults.
But back to the “special day” celebration, which has made its way into my column space today as I was starting to write a Happy Thanksgiving column.
I Googled “Special Days of the Year,” and guess what I found? There is some kind of day designated on every day of the year. And naturally, you only need to go to the Internet to find out about them.
I won’t go so far as to list every one of them, but you will find many of them quite interesting. Here are some of the “special days” that we need to make sure and celebrate.
January: 1-Copywrite Law Day; 3-Drinking Straw Day; 8-Earth’s Rotation Day; 12-Fruitcake Toss Day; 13-Clean Off Your Desk Day; 23-Handwriting Day; 25-Opposite Day (OK, this one can be a little fun); 29-Puzzle Day.
February: 4-Thank a Mailman Day; 8-Laugh and Get Rich Day; 9-Read in the Bathtub Day; 18-Battery Day; 23-Sword Swallowers Day; 28-Rare Disease Day.
March: 2-Old Stuff Day; 9-Barbie Day; 112-Organize Your Home Office Day (I think there is a little too much attention to cleaning); 16-Lips Appreciation Day; 20-Corn Dog Day; 26-Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.
April: 4-Vitamin C Day; 6-Pillow fight Day; 10-One Day Without Shoes Day; 12-Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (I have to admit that grilled cheese sandwiches deserve their own day; 18-Poem in Your Pocket Day; 25-Hug a Plumber Day.
May: 2-No Pants Day; 12-Doodle Day; 13-Frog Jumping Day; 20-Pick Strawberries Day; 25-Towel Day; 28-Hamburger Day (Oh Yea!).
June: 1-Go Barefoot Day; 3-Leave the Office Early Day; 12-Loving Day; 13-Sewing Machine Day; 22-Chocolate Éclair Day (Not to be confused with Donut Day, which you know they have); 25-Please Take My Children to Work Day.
So you get the idea. If you want to see the rest, go to “daysoftheyear.com” and you will be amused.
But the truth is, we all need to be reminded about things that are important to us. As humans, we easily fail to appreciate the things we should be thankful for, and I, for one, appreciate Thanksgiving Day since it is a time to step back, take a deep breath, and really appreciate how good we all have it.
I’m one of those people who truly don’t see how I could have been more fortunate in my life. Now at the age of 59, I have been married for 38 years to a woman that I believe is the perfect girl for me. Have we had a few ups and downs over nearly four decades together? I don’t even need to answer that.
But here we are, 38 years together, and the last few years have been the best ever even as our children are growing up and slowly heading out into their own life. My wife and I have made the most of the time together and are acting like a young couple beginning to date all over, but now, truly appreciating that we are always here for each other.
I have three daughters and a son who actually seem to like my wife and I to the point that they want to be at our house! Yes, that’s a bit of a joke, but just today we were coming home from a weekend away and talking about the way our family turned out to be very close, looks out for each other, and does want to be together. That is a blessing by itself.
And then there are my five wonderful grandchildren. Jerry, Marshall, Abby, Zach Jr. and Reagan have given us more to be thankful about, and remind us that we are still important to our children for many reasons.
Yes, I’m glad for Thanksgiving Day, and a few of the other special days. Hope you also count your own blessings today.

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