Northshore Golf Cars offers plethora of vehicles

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SLIDELL – When Patrick Tadlock graduated from high school in Slidell, he had a plan for his career.
But like many young people new to the work world, it took him a little more than a decade to achieve his dream.
“I always knew I wanted to work for myself, and I wanted a job that I actually enjoyed going to every day,” he said.
After nearly 14 years working a couple of different jobs, Tadlock was given an opportunity to buy Northshore Golf Cars in Slidell, and it turned out to be the career he was looking for.
“The reason I like this so much is that I get to sell fun every day,” he said. “Even though the economy has been difficult the last few years, people still want to have fun—and I get to help them find it.”
Tadlock said the added bonus is that the fun he sells to customers is something he has experienced himself.
“I have two young daughters, Maddy and Morgan, and from the time we got the business, we started going four-wheeling and riding the vehicles we have here,” he said. “Now they love it and I get to have quality time with them by doing it.”
Tadlock said that one key behind the success of his business has been the diversification of products the Northshore Golf Cars company has added since he purchased the business in 2005 at 716 E. I-10 Service Road.
“When I first bought the business, we handled EZ-GO golf carts and that was it,” he said. “But right after Katrina, I saw how much people used golf carts and similar vehicles. I wasn’t satisfied just selling and servicing golf carts and I began looking at ways to expand.’
Like many business people after Hurricane Katrina, the storm gave Tadlock insight to additional business opportunities.
“I never realized how many people used golf carts and similar vehicles,” he said. “After Katrina, we probably picked up nearly 100 different units that were flooded.”
He also had another revelation from the hurricane, noting that the majority of his business for the golf carts was older people. So he decided to move into the utility vehicle business, then four-wheelers, selecting Polaris as the product he would offer. Nearly five years later, he said the decision to sell Polaris vehicles was one of the best moves he could have made.
“Polaris gave me something to offer younger people, but they have given me so much more with the constant innovations, new products and surprises they offer,” he said. “All businesses try to look into the future and stay ahead of the competition, but Polaris continually surprises me with the new products they come out with.”
Topping that list for this holiday season is an electric bicycle. It can be pedaled like a normal bike, but if you want a break, you turn on the motor and the bicycle has an electric engine that is recharged every time you pedal it.
“When we went to a Polaris show last year and saw the bike, we didn’t think it was anything special until we got a closer look,” he said. “They are the neatest things.”
Northshore Golf Cars still sells, services and rents golf carts from EZ-GO, but have complimented that business with ATV’s, UTV’s and Side-by-Side vehicles from Polaris that “could fill up our parking lot and more if we put out every different vehicle they offer,” Tadlock said.
The Slidell businessman was born and raised in Slidell, growing up as many Louisiana teens by riding four-wheelers as he hunted and fished. His father, Jerry Tadlock, was well-known in Slidell as a local bodybuilder who won many championships as he operated a men’s hair cutting business.
Tadlock finished high school and spent a couple of years working offshore before working nearly 12 years for a paintless dent repair company, all leading to the opportunity to buy Northshore Golf Cars.
“I had dealt with the public in my former job so that worked perfectly for me to start selling golf cars,” Tadlock said. “But once I got this business, I have tried to learn about business from others who have had success—like Chris Jean, for one—and find ways to keep growing and diversifying what we offer.”
Tadlock has become the top rental agent for golf carts to most of the major New Orleans festivals, including the Voodoo Fest, Jazz Fest, Essence and more. He said he is keeping his eye open and considering his next move, which could provide yet another line to offer the public.
Northshore also handles sales, service and rental, and repairs other major brands. For more information, stop by and see them or call Tadlock at 985-847-2561.



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