Lots to do in St. Tammany for July 4

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Lots to do in St. Tammany for July 4

The Fourth of July weekend already?

Where does the time go!

It seems like we were just coming out of the cooler spring weather and all of a sudden June is gone, we have our first tropical storm threat, and now we’re ready to celebrate July 4. Seriously, time flies.

We have some great Fourth of July celebrations on either side of St. Tammany Parish this weekend, including several fireworks displays you can take in.

Covington set their annual fireworks show on Friday night in Bogue Falaya Park with its “Sparks in the Park” celebration. Fun starts at 7 with music and the fireworks should go off at about 8:45.

On Saturday, Mandeville and Slidell both have a fireworks show, with Slidell’s coinciding with the annual Heritage Festival all day at Heritage Park. In Mandeville the “Light Up the Lake” Independence Day celebration will be between Coffee and Carroll streets on the lakefront, with fireworks later that night.

Abita Springs will host their July 4 event on Sunday from 5 to 10 p.m. and Pearl River is having a fireworks show the night of Tuesday, July 4.

The weather isn’t terribly hot just yet—we know that will be coming—so go have some fun with the family at any of our great local events on the North Shore.




Looking for a great house on the eastern side of the parish?

My friend Mike Perkins, owner of Causeway Coin in Metairie and Deep South Gold in Slidell, has a house on Royal Golf Course he is trying to sell so I wanted to help him out by mentioning it.

The house is a little shy of 5,000 square feet of living area, but it’s really a neat two acre piece of property right on the golf course.

Mike has a professional constructed tennis court on the property, plus a swimming pool and three car garage outside. He also has a Jacuzzi near the pool.

There is also a small pond in the backyard, along with plenty of inside amenities with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an outdoor fireplace, lots of great walk-in closets and more. He is asking $459,000 for the place.

If you are interested in a house in Slidell, and convenient to Interstate 12, call Mike for an appointment to see the place—985-707-6315.




I never go anywhere without my steno pad to make notes about all kinds of things I need to do for the paper, and particularly, ideas I have for stories or this column space.

I have probably made a note many times about certain traffic situations, yet I’ve never written about this particular, extremely irritating situation.

First off you have to know that I am on the road a lot traveling all over this parish, not to mention my occasional trips with my wife to the Gulf Coast. So I am behind the wheel far more than most people. Even driving regionally I put over 2,000 miles a month on my car.

We’ve all got our pet peeves about things that get under our skin with other drivers, but I think the one that drives me crazy the most are the people who insist on riding in the fast lane on the interstate, even as they watch a long line of cars build up behind them.

It seems apparent many people think that if they are doing the speed limit then they have every right to be in whatever lane they want. No mind the fact that you now see a lot of signs on the interstate that say “slower drivers stay right.”

I know a person who told me that very thing about driving in the fast lane. “I’m doing the speed limit so I can stay there and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.”

I’m usually going a bit over the speed limit—the key words of course are ‘a bit’—and it makes me crazy to see people just taking their good old time in the fast lane.

To me, it’s just common courtesy to let people by who want to go faster. What does it hurt for you to do that?

So there—I finally wrote it. Now let’s see if I can cool down the next time I pull up behind Mr. Slow Poke!


Kevin Chiri can be reached by e-mail at kevinchiri@gmail.com

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