Local Krewe of AWE helping exotic animals here, internationally

Charles Marsala November 1, 2014 0
Local Krewe of AWE helping  exotic animals here, internationally

COVINGTON – The Krewe of AWE (Artists – Wildlife – Entrepreneurs) added one more non-profit to its round of funding, which would be in the second half.
Art for Animals is based in Mandeville and created by the A.E. London Studio in Mandeville. The program teaches African Children through art the importance of preserving their wildlife and provides scholarships in the arts, anti poaching police and conservation fields.
Another major focus of the group is making RICO level for Wildlife Trafficking and charges were recently announced in Mobile, Ala. for trafficking Rhino Horn. Charles Marsala has a proposal that would give U.S. Fish & Wildlife stiffer penalties for these crimes and under RICO, a second offense allows for treble damages.
The Krewe will focus on bringing attention to four local and five international non-profits supporting efforts from Louisiana Coastal Restoration and local chefs who use sustainable fishing suppliers to adopting Elephants and Rhinos and the Exotic Wildlife of Africa. The group’s opinion is that the best practices from both areas will create a synergy to benefit both and inspire the attendees to become further involved.
The Krewe of AWE has been approved as a unit in the Krewe of Tucks Parade for 2015 which has the theme “Tucks Saves the Day,” and will focus on the positive benefits the animals provide us.

The first conference will be Mardi Gras weekend offering a unique New Orleans experience centered around education on exotic animals and other environmental topics.

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