Little Henry is our latest wonderful blessing

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Little Henry is our latest wonderful blessing

Number seven, and still counting.
That would be the growing number of grandchildren for the wife and I.
Our only son, Michael, became a father on Feb. 16, 2017 at 5:03 p.m. when his wife, Lauren, delivered Henry Michael Chiri.
Henry was named after Lauren’s grandfather and the name Michael came from my son and I, who are both Kevin Michael Chiri.
Henry followed what is getting to be a regular thing in our family of grandchildren showing up a few weeks earlier than the schedule suggested. He was about six weeks earlier than the due date, weighing 4 pounds, 5 ounces. and 17.5 inches long. That is becoming old hat to our family since Jerry III was the earliest of all, born at 28 weeks and weighing only 2.4 pounds, while baby girl Jordan was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4.5 pounds.
Mother and baby are doing great and Henry will only need a little time at the hospital before getting to join his mom and dad at home.
Having a little experience seeing some of our grandchildren born pre-term has done the same thing to me over-and-over—reminds me about the existence of God.
When I consider every part of the human body and what it takes to function so well, doing a multitude of things for us to survive and usually live healthy lives for many, many years, it is impossible to not realize there has to be a great and mighty God who created life.
Some of you may remember the story of Michael and Lauren, but I’d like to tell it again for readers who may not know how the young couple got together and now live in Oklahoma City.
Michael was homeschooled by my wife, as were all four of our children. Yes, homeschooled for 13 years each. My wife was not a certified teacher of any kind, however she was a mother who wanted to do what she thought was best for her kids, and for us.
Michael was the fourth and final child homeschooled so he spent a little extra time on a computer since his three sisters were not around. Michael met Lauren online and the romance started, and my wife and I eventually took him to Tulsa for their first meeting.
It started a two-year long distance romance as her parents would bring her to us at times, we would get Mike to Oklahoma at times, and sometimes we met in the middle so the two of them could spend time together.
Mike made it clear he would be moving to Oklahoma when he graduated, and within six months of finishing school, he moved up there and they got married. Our entire family helped him move up there, using two vehicles. We arrived on Friday, they were married on Saturday, and we came home Sunday—leaving Mike behind with his new wife.
Fortunately Mike had taught himself tremendous skills as a computer tech. He could fix most anything, handle most problems I had with my computers in the newspaper business and was ready to find a job without going to college. It took two months and he was hired by a national company where he is moving up steadily with a great future.
Mike and Lauren have been married three years and now have three people in the house (four if you count their dog Juneau).
As much as anything my wife and I are proud of the fact our kids are independent and all are willing to work to take care of themselves–despite the hardships life throws at you. And as we all know, life will throw many. None of them have ever asked for a free ride.
As parents you want to raise children who are responsible, law-abiding, and in our home, Christians who trust God to be a key part of their life. I believe we have seen that in our children and having one more little addition to the family only reminds us how blessed we have been when it comes to our family.
I try not to say that too much in this space since I know everyone has their tough times with their own families. And we are nowhere near perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But at the end of the day I try to be thankful for my wife, my kids, and my growing number of grandkids, as the best blessing I could hope to get from God—now with the count at four boys and three girls.
Little Henry is one more part of that story.
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