If you have a job to fill, I may know who can help

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If you have a job to fill, I may know who can help

My daughter needs a job.
My number three daughter, that is. I finally decided that I might as well use the fact I get to write this public column every week as a way to reach out to a community that might be looking for someone to fill a job—and maybe the two of them could be a perfect match.
Vicky graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University this past May and is finding herself in that group of people we have all heard about, who can’t seem to find the right job even though she has a college degree.
She was like some college students in that she changed her mind several times during school and finally got a General Studies degree that doesn’t direct her to a specific profession. She started in college with the hopes of going into music and that never worked out, so after changing degrees several times, finally decided to find the quickest way to a Bachelors Degree and move on with her life.
She is now 25 and back in St. Tammany Parish, where she hopes to start working soon in a job that will let her settle here, and get her out of working two other jobs in restaurants that have a lot of night and weekend hours.
This is probably the point that I tell you how incredibly talented Vicky is, and how wonderful she would be for you to hire, and that she is the hardest worker you will ever find. You know the pitch. It’s the one most of us tried when we applied for jobs even though it may not have always been the complete truth.
I have been in management, hiring and firing for about 25 years, so I’ve seen it all as the boss. So rather than lay out a long description of my daughter that you might wonder about, I’ll honestly tell you she is a sweet young woman who is not afraid to work, reliable to show up on the job, and someone who definitely works well with others.
I don’t plan to go any further than that since she will have to convince you of the rest if and when you decide to call or e-mail to talk to her. But I know she was raised by my wife and I, and I’m the kind of guy who taught all my children that they better be ready to work for what they want. I know all my kids have that kind of work ethic, and that’s probably the best thing I can tell you about her.
If you have a job you are looking to fill and are interested to meet Vicky, contact her at vchiri@gmail.com, or call her at 985-768-8254.


If you are looking for a great way to help some young kids out, and make somebody happy for Christmas, I’ve got a good suggestion.
Several weeks ago I met Christ Episcopal Church Youth Director Daniel Ciufi as I was doing a feature story about the young people he directs there. Daniel was a great guy to talk to and confirmed to me that many of the younger generation are all about doing the right things for our community. Seriously, he is a great young kid and I think the church leadership must be very happy with him on staff.
The youth group at the church takes an annual summer trip to another part of the country, all in the name of helping people. This summer they will be doing home repairs for seniors in another state, while the junior high teens will go to New Orleans to help in the Ninth Ward with underprivileged kids there.
Not only was I impressed with the fact these young people are taking mission trips that are about helping others, but I was also impressed with the fact they raise most of the money for this trip by washing cars, holding a giant garage sale, seeking donations for an online auction—you name it and if they can make a few dollars, they will do it during the school year to raise the money for next summer’s trip.
The online auction raised close to $5,000 so that was a good start in the money they need, but they are still seeking other ways to raise money and would certainly be happy to receive a donation for what is absolutely a good cause.
I think it would make a great Christmas present for you to send a check to the group. You can contact Daniel by e-mailing him at: dciufi@christchurchcovington.com.


I recently had to get my son to the New Orleans Airport and had a chance to experience some of the changes that seem to have been going on for the last year or two.
I know the airport underwent improvements of sorts and you can see the difference in the color scheme there now, but I have to say that I’m still amazed at some of the design of furniture and other aspects of our N.O. airport.
There is new furniture throughout the airport, and you can immediately tell it’s some new design that is made for airports since some of the pieces are made to lie down on—in the event of a long delay. The design is nice, but I noticed almost all of the places to lie down are in the middle of the open spaces where people are endlessly walking by. Seems like they could have put them in more secluded corners of the rooms.
Then I have always wondered why we don’t have TV sets in all the waiting areas. I have been to quite a few airports and even the smaller ones have TV sets to keep you amused while waiting. Still can’t figure out why our airport in New Orleans seems to be so outdated, especially after the so-called renovation.

Kevin Chiri can be reached by e-mail at kevinchiri@gmail.com

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