Fishing Report – May 4

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Fishing Report – May 4

The Return of the Causeway

To quote investor Howard Marks, “I think it’s essential to remember that just about everything is cyclical. There’s little I’m certain of, but these things are true: Cycles always prevail eventually. Nothing goes in one direction forever. Trees don’t grow to the sky. Few things go to zero.” While Marks dealt with money, his philosophy can be attributed to fishing as well. Speckled trout anglers held their breath through the summer and waited for the fall trout run at the 24-mile bridge to ignite. They waited and waited, but the bite was almost nonexistent. There were numerous arguments as to why the fish didn’t make their way to the bridge, from water clarity being poor, to the salinity being low. Early spring saw the same results from Causeway fishermen, and the speculation and panic set in. But all things are cyclical and if the present bite at the Causeway teaches us anything it’s that fishing in Lake Pontchartrain ebbs and flows.

 Ponchatoula angler Lawrence Lemoine recently made a trip to the Causeway in which he can attest to the fact that the bridge is back on the map as far as speckled trout destinations in Louisiana. Lawrence got off of work early and arrived at the bridge at 3:00 p.m. “I knew the winds were going to be changing so I was hoping it would lay down and the lake would be really smooth,” he says. Lawrence was right in his prediction and says the action was immediate. “I started catching trout right off the bat,” he says. Lemoine worked his way south and noticed the water clearing up as he fished further south. Lawrence describes the bite, “The bite was so light that if you jigged the bait it better be really hard on the first jig because the trout were just sucking it off the bottom. I snagged a lot of fish because the fish seemed as if they really didn’t want to commit to the bite,” he says. Lemoine used a variety of Matrix Shad in different colors and says they all produced the same results.  At the end of the day the angler ended up with a limit of speckled trout that ranged from 12”-16”. But more importantly, proof that his beloved bridge has returned to prominence among Lake Pontchartrain speckled trout anglers.


Trestles on Fire!

Luke O’Neal doesn’t fish the Trestles as much as he used to since leaving to attend college in Monroe. But on his last visit he squeezed in a trip to the train bridge in Slidell after hearing of some good reports. “I had one half day to fish before I left to head back to school,” The Mandeville High School graduate says. Luke and some friends fought their way through the waves and arrived at the bridge at daybreak. “We took a beating getting out there but finally made it to the south end where I wanted to be. Most boats were anchored on the west side which is where I have been catching most of my fish so I joined,” he says. The team went without a bite for 15 minutes and then decided to move to the east side after noticing the falling tide. “I crossed over to the other side and didn’t see many boats on that side. We probably had a mile of bridge to ourselves to troll around and started picking them up here and there but the fish were very scattered,” he says. O’Neal says the bite started to die around 9:00 a.m. and they witnessed more boats leaving and they thought about heading in themselves.

Then Luke hooked a trout underneath the bridge and they started  fishing directly under the bridge. “We figured out that the fish were right under the bridge. Then we began picking them up again but this time the size was significantly bigger. 15+ inch specks. I had somewhere to be so we left them biting at 11:30 a.m. but ended up with 57 nice fish,” he says.




Florida Parishes Bass Anglers is holding its next tournament at Manchac on May 13. For more information please email


Bass Assassins is holding its next tournament on May 7th at the East Pearl.  For more information please email or call Chris Basey at 985-707-7857.


Pearl River Team Trails will be holding its next tournament on May 13 at the East Pearl River. For more information please contact Charles Duzaut at 985-960-6936.


Dockside Marine will be holding its next tournament at Bayou Segnette on May 13. For more information please contact Jay Ladner at 228-493-4378.


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