Fishing- July 20

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Fishing- July 20

Jack’s in the Lake

Summertime usually brings a different way to fish. It also brings in different types of fish that we don’t see throughout the rest of the year. Zach Kilgore of Slidell was fishing from land and says it was hard not to notice a school of Jack Crevalle moving through the water.  “There was a school of 15-20 of them and they were slamming mullet against the bulkhead, Kilgore says. Zach had noticed the frenzy the last time he was fishing there, but this time he was ready. “I threw a 6” Frenzy Mullet at them and the fight was on!” Zach says. After a 30-minute fight, Zack had landed the monstrous fish and says they’re making themselves right at home with all the bait-fish in the area. “They’re all over the place busting up mullet near any bulkhead within proximity of the Twin Spans.  I’ve seen them from Lakeshore to Eden Isles,” Zach says.

Lake Road Bass

With the kids out of school, there’s no better time than right now to get them hooked on fishing. I took my three daughters, Kasey, Alli, and Maddie for a quick and easy trip on Lake Road in Lacombe. Armed with a few live shrimp from Bayou Adventure, we found a nice open spot to park on the side of the road by the third bridge. The water was falling hard and my oldest noticed. “This is good! Moving water is good,” Kasey said. She’s been fishing with me since she was a baby so she has picked up on comments I’ve made in the past. As the girls started baiting their hooks it didn’t take long for the chaos to start. I heard my youngest mumble “I think I got something,” as if she was unsure. I knew as soon as I turned around she would be reeling one in. I was right. Maddie reeled in the first fish of the day and sent the other two into a panic to not be the last one to catch a fish. The pattern was simple. A #2 hook on the end of the line and a live shrimp. I find that the less interference with weights and corks, the better when fishing with children. The kids simply casted out and let the shrimp do all of the work. We spent two hours catching bass after bass and ended up with a nice mess of fish for a fish fry later on that day. While it seems like it just got here, the days of summer will be gone before you know it. If you are looking to take your kids fishing this month, it doesn’t get any easier than Lake Rd. in Lacombe.

Tournament Results

Bass Assassins held it’s tournament at the East Pearl and it was Bruce Vallelungo who figured out the high muddy water by weighing in a 5-fish limit of 11 lbs. 11 oz. In second was Paul Paille with a bag that weighed 9 lbs. 7 oz. Paille also won the big fish division with a largemouth that weighed 4 lbs. 6 oz.  In Third was Trenton Pittman who finished with a limit that weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. With the third place win Trenton moves into sole possession of the #2 spot in the Bayou Country Lures’ NBS Power Rankings.

Dockside Marine Tournament Trail held its tournament at the East Pearl and it was the team of

Fred King and Roy Laborde who brought in a 5-fish stringer weighing 16.35 lbs. In second place was Shane Pope who brought in a 14.59 lb. stringer.   Wrapping up the top three was the team of George Valentine and Jeremy Allen with a 14.05 lb. stringer.  The big fish of the event was a 4.35 lb. largemouth brought in by the team of Albert Dobson and Jesse Draime.

Pearl River Team Trails held its tournament at the East Pearl and it was the team of

Blaine Williams and Steve Abney who brought in a 5-fish stringer weighing 11.2 lbs.  2nd place went to Jay Breland and Barrett Brayson with a 10.13 lb. stringer.  3rd place went to Mark Mohr and Charles Dauzat with 10.10 lbs. The third place finish propels Mohr into the #4 spot in the NBS Power Rankings while Dauzat moves into the #7 spot. The big bass division was won with a 3.4 lb. largemouth bass that weighed 3.4 pounds.

A tournament to benefit Adalyn Mince will be held on September 16th at the North-pass boat ramp in Manchac. The 2 year-old is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. For more information please contact Patrick Engerran at (985) 474-6112 or


Liar’s and Lunker’s is holding its classic tournament at Lock #1 in Pearl River on July 23.  Teams can launch on either side and will fish until noon. There is no entry fee and food and drinks will be provided at weigh-in.  To fish the Classic, you must have fished at least 3 of the 5 Liar’s and Lunker’s points tournaments this season. 

For more information or to confirm Classic eligibility, please contact Chad Hartzog at (985) 502-3217.


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