Covington’s Nutrishop aims to reach new market

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Covington’s Nutrishop  aims to reach new market

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COVINGTON — When you think about nutrition shops where supplements are sold, many people don’t realize the target audience is not just weightlifters and athletes.
Alex and Jenn Tanguis of Nutrishop in Covington are looking to change that perception.
Born and raised in South Louisiana, Alex and Jenn returned here after living in Nashville to open their new store and are determined to help their fellow citizens develop a healthy lifestyle.
“We are not geared solely to the people who lift weights,” Alex Tanguis said. “We are targeting people who are interested in good, well-balanced nutrition and diets. That is who we are after and are trying to help. We do things like complimentary meal plans.”
In addition to muscle-building, Tanguis said his audience is also geared to simply getting into better overall physical health.
“I would say nearly half the people who come through our door are looking for help losing weight,” he said. “We just don’t direct them to a product. We try to get information to help them find the best product.”
How Tanguis does accomplishes this is through the “interview process.”
“I don’t say ‘Go take this,’” he said. “I get to know them and find out how their diet currently is. Are they planning on exercising? There is no magic pill here. Do you plan on changing your diet? It’s not really a diet; I characterize it more as a lifestyle change.
“When you live in South Louisiana, you are able to pretty much have access to a lot of great food. I’m not saying you can’t eat it; I’m just saying you have to do it in moderation. Our goal is simple. We want to help people get to their goals. We suggest and recommend what may help and what may not help.
While he services many different areas of physical fitness, Tanguis’ customer base is just as varied.
“We have a lot of senior citizens who come in to try and up their protein in-take,” he said. “They are going with what they are being prescribed by their doctors. We try to get them on a good meal plan as well. We tell people a good meal plan is six meals a day. I know that scares people at first, but it really works.
“It is not as bad as you think and if we really break down what you eat everyday you are probably already doing it. Just put it down on paper and try and keep your body hydrated and fit. It is like I have said before, we promote good health.”
Tanguis’ approach to good physical health is pretty simple.
“Diet and exercise,” he said. “I break it down like this; 70-percent diet, 20-percent some sort of exercise whether it be walking, biking, running, etc. The other 10-percent is mental, in your mind. Because you have to be mentally ready to do it. You have to be willing to first start a lifestyle change and more importantly stick with your lifestyle change. It’s not convenient and easy to stay in good physical health.
“It is hard and will take time to get adjusted to it. It is hard to break life habits. I would say meal prep is very important so we try and get you on a meal plan. If people can plan their meals for a week in one day, the challenge is less daunting.”
Nutrishop is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. Nutrishop is located at 69284 Hwy. 21, Suite #500 in Covington. You can check them out online at, on Facebook and Instagram at NutriShop Northshore. Contact them at 985-234-9453.

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