‘Chiri Notary’ deserves your consideration

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‘Chiri Notary’ deserves your consideration

One of my daughters recently gave me what I considered to be a very nice compliment.
Jenny, daughter number two, told me “I think we girls are a lot like you in that we are always thinking of new ideas, especially when it comes to business or ways to make money.”
There is a bit of a joke about me as I head up The Slidell Independent and Tammany West. I walk into Jenny’s office with the line: “I’ve got an idea!”
And I really do. But as ideas go, I must admit I was incredibly impressed with Jenny several months back when she decided she was going to try and pass the Louisiana Notary Exam. Without going into a lot of detail it is considered a very difficult exam to pass, and Jenny is like me in that she never went to college or had additional education beyond high school, other than a short stint in culinary school while pregnant with her youngest daughter.
Jenny became a single mother after 12 years of marriage and 8-years of being a stay-at-home-mom. Although she did accounting for our newspaper since the beginning, it wasn’t until she sought a fresh start, that I saw her strength and determination to strive for a better life for herself and her kids.
So Jenny’s “idea” was to become a notary, start her own business, and create a better future for herself and the three beautiful little children she has. She works for me at the paper doing layout design, accounting, newspaper deliveries and virtually anything that can earn her money.
Fast forward several months from her decision to take the Notary Exam and Jenny received the letter in the mail saying she had beaten some very long odds and passed the exam on the first try. She is now a licensed Notary Public and has started her own business, “Chiri Notary,” which is a mobile notary service. She actually works most of St. Tammany Parish and is beginning to pick up clients a little at a time.
Today is my chance to help my daughter by asking the public to consider using her for your notary work. I have promoted many local businesses in this space simply because I know they are honest people, and I believe in “Shopping Local.” So it’s easy for me to support my daughter and her new business since she deserves it as much as anyone I know. She is super friendly, smart and reliable.
Even before becoming a single mom she was always a hard-working, honest person who would help anyone if she saw a need. When she became a single mom supporting three small children she never cried and complained about it, she just went to work. She figured out how to manage with a two-bedroom apartment for the four of them, and always tried to think of new “ideas” to make a few extra dollars.
Just this past carnival season she and one other daughter, Vicky, came up with an idea to make Mardi Gras barrettes. They worked for hours to cut up strings of beads and glue them together with feathers and more specialty items. Then they hit the streets during parades in Slidell and peddled them for $5 each.
That story in itself might be one of the best ways to show what kind of person she is and how hard she is willing to work. But now she has a chance to build a great business in a profession I can tell she loves. She has always been a person with great common sense and being a Notary Public requires plenty of that when it comes to doing the things she is presented with: affidavits, witness signings, bill of sales for movables, auto title transfers, wills and more.
So if you have Notary Public work you need, and want someone to come to you to get it done, she is your girl.
She is up-and-running now and has handled a host of document signings of various sorts, learning a little more as she goes and beginning to build what I believe will one day be a nice client list that will lead to great success. But for now she is the “Mobile Notary Service” and will come to you.
If you would like to talk to her about what you need, give her a call at 985-607-5068 or by email at chirinotary@gmail.com.
And from her old dad….’Thanks!’


How about a laugh on me?
I have a great client and friend in Mike Perkins, who began Deep South Gold in Slidell in 1969. Promising that he would give you the most money for your gold or silver, the man has done it that way for years and built a trustworthy business. It later led to opening Causeway Coin Company in Metairie, where he also operates now for the Mandeville-Covington crowd.
I had to build an ad for him last week and in my rush, made up a list of watches. As he looked over the ad he began to laugh. Instead of “Rolex” I had put “Rolodex.” He kept saying, “Hey, I’m going to buy one of those Rolodex watches!” That’s one I won’t live down for a while, but I’ll take the jokes since he has always believed in advertising with the local paper.
If you need what are the best prices for gold or silver, he and his son Shane at Deep South Gold in Slidell really are the best place to go. Causeway Coin is located at 5028 Veterans Blvd. (across from Zuppardos) and Deep South Gold is in the Hobby Lobby Shopping Center on Gause Boulevard.

Kevin Chiri can be reached by e-mail at kevinchiri@gmail.com.

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