CBA meetings always full of info and fun

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CBA meetings always full of info and fun

I never attend a Covington Business Association (CBA) monthly meeting without leaving with pages and pages of notes about upcoming activities or interesting bits of information.
The most recent meeting, held at Beck-N-Call on North New Hampshire was no different, other than some great pork sliders cooked up by owners Brian and Suzan Bosarge. And yes, Suzan assured me that is the correct spelling of her name.
We were reminded about the steady menu of fun outings in Covington that continue to roll along in the summer so mark your calendars for the July 4 fireworks show—Sparks in the Park—that will be held on Friday night, June 30 in Bogue Falaya Park from 7 to 9 p.m.
Mayor Mike Cooper reported that the Friday night show was picked so the different cities in St. Tammany could all have a different night throughout that July 4 weekend for their fireworks shows.
That is followed by the July 8 date when the St. Tammany Art Association will host its 52nd annual Juried Art Exhibit at their 320 N. Columbia location.
The annual Red Beans and Rice fundraiser for United Way will be held on July 31 at St. Scholastica from 11 to 2 p.m. so put together a team to enter now for that fun event that is also important to support the many United Way agencies that help us here in St. Tammany Parish.
President Brad Schroeder continues to make me laugh as the guy who is at the podium each meeting. This is one witty fellow who makes one joke after another—although I think too many of them slip right past the audience since they come at such a fast past. Maybe that’s because the packed crowd is also having plenty of their own fun with the drinks and food.
The CBA meetings are always a kick to attend, not to mention the promotion and networking you get for your business. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—if you have a small business you have got to get out to local events. Go online to to find out about becoming a member.
The CBA board needs a pat on the back for the first annual Kokomo Stroll they put together the first weekend of June. It was a simple idea to have downtown businesses create a specialty drink. Then you only had to purchase a Kokomo Stroll cup for $20, which allowed you to walk downtown and try out all the different drinks. I mean, how much more complicated does it need to be to draw a crowd?
It provided a great summer kickoff event to again bring folks out for the business community and it was an even bigger success than they imagined. Talk now is about perhaps adding a similar followup event later in the summer.
Good work CBA board.


I know I have talked about this topic a bit before, but I have a couple of new stories to make a point about family that we all need to be reminded about.
I wrote a column one time about how important it was for parents and grandparents to give their time to kids. Forget about the gifts, or going to get ice cream or donuts. Those things are all great, but I got reminded a few more times recently about how much kids just want our time.
My wife homeschooled all four of our children from 1st grade to 12th grade and has always been very big about the children reading. She has seen numerous studies or reports noting that children who read will excel in many different ways in school and in life.
So she enjoyed reading to our four children, and now does the same with our grandchildren. After recently spending time with a book with our 5-year-old granddaughter Reagan she was ready to call it quits. When she told Reagan “that’s enough for today,” she heard this response: “No, Grammy, read some more to me.”
I’m pretty close with my 8-year-old grandson Zach and we do a lot of things together. I found out some months ago that I enjoy doing puzzles so I always have one set up in my office. When he comes over he jumps on the puzzle and constantly asks me to come do it with him.
Last week I was pretty busy on a deadline day, but twice he asked me to take a break and do the puzzle with him, which I managed to do for 10 or 15 minutes. When I started to quit the second time he simply said, “come on Papa, keep doing this with me.”
They are such simple, but heartfelt words from kids when they ask for your time. But it truly is the most important thing you can give to them. I hope you will keep that in mind when your kids or grandkids come around—you will never regret that bit of effort.

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