Audibel’s Kober enjoys improving others’ hearing

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Audibel’s Kober enjoys improving others’ hearing

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COVINGTON – Sharon Kober says she can talk to anyone, which is why she loves her job at Audibel in Covington.
Kober is the hearing instrument specialist at the Covington location, and has been in the business since 1986. She said that growing up, her grandmother was hearing impaired, which led her to apply to become a receptionist to sell hearing aids in New Orleans, where she is originally from.
“It was a startup business, and they said they needed someone to be a salesperson for them. So since it was a young business, I was able to study to get certified in the field,” Kober said. “I have always enjoyed talking to older people, and my friends used to tease me about it. But I always got along well with older people because they have so much wisdom and have been through incredible things.”
Kober purchased the hearing aid business she began working for in 1986, and sold that business to Audibel in 2001.
“I am finding that now I am fitting a lot of younger people in the age range of 40-60. People are struggling with their hearing earlier now because of loud music in their headphones. We are just exposed to more now, and it isn’t good,” Kober said.
The Audibel manager has been married for 43 years, has two sons, and five grandchildren.
“I was a stay-at-home mom until my kids were pre-teens. My husband and I decided early on that we would do without some things so I could stay home. It was an experience I am glad I had,” Kober said.
She added that she appreciates working for Audibel because they really care about helping other people.
“They always make it work for people so they can hear,” Kober said. “There are people who are reluctant to come in and I always tell them to bring their hearing aids to me if they aren’t working because I can try and fix the problem. We will do all we can. It doesn’t hurt to try.”
Audibel is a Starkey Hearing Technologies brand. Recognized across the globe as a premier provider of hearing healthcare, Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held and American-owned company in its industry. At Audibel, the company knows the importance of hearing because they say they see how it impacts people every day. From the training, to the people, to the products, to the offices, Audibel says it goes to great lengths to ensure excellence is in everything they do.

Audibel in Covington is located at 19317 North 10th Street, Covington. For more information, call (985) 892-9421.

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