Assistant coaches important facets to every team

chrissycsmith November 15, 2013 Comments Off on Assistant coaches important facets to every team
Assistant coaches important facets to every team

In my line of work, I always interview the head coach when I need information. Whether the team I am covering wins or loses, the head coach is the one who comments about why the game went the way it did. The head coach gets the credit if the team wins, and the blame if they lose.
But a head coach wouldn’t be much of anything without his or her assistants. Every football team is packed with assistant coaches. Each basketball team has at least two assistants, and every other squad has its behind-the-scenes coaches, too.
The assistant coaches are the ones who never get credit in the spotlight. They are the ones who do the little things no one knows about, but without them, some of the most important things would not get done.
Salmen Head Coach Jay Carlin, who has been one of the most successful basketball coaches in all of Slidell, has had his son Josh as one of his assistants for several years. His other son, Jesse, is in his first year as an assistant basketball coach at Jones County Junior College.
Assistant coaches are the unsung heroes of every sports team. Without them, there would not be full scouting reports or stats kept for people like me in the media.
In the situation this past summer where Northshore head football coach Mike Bourg had to have sudden heart surgery, his assistant coaches played a vital role in keeping the football program running smoothly.
So I just want to say, “Thanks to the assistants!” Without you guys and gals, none of these fine teams would be run nearly as smoothly.
The football playoffs begin tonight, and there are several local teams who have made the postseason. The format is so different this year since the public and private schools are split into different categories.
Here is my opinion on it. I don’t like it. Maybe I will feel differently after this bout of playoff games, but I feel like everyone is totally divided. If these teams can play in the same districts, why can’t they compete against each other in the playoffs? I completely understand the logic and reasoning behind it all, but so far, I am just not a fan.


My mom and dad both celebrated their birthdays this month. My dad’s is on November 3, and my mom’s is on November 13, which is the day after mine on November 12. My little brother’s birthday is on October 28, and my younger sister’s birthday is on December 5. I like that all our birthdays are so close together because it feels like we are always celebrating something.
The birthday parties are fun, and my mom always makes us a homemade cake for our birthday. She will make us anything we want. My brother usually requests a cheesecake, and I like a lemon cake or anything lemon.
I’m really thankful for my family and for every birthday we get to spend together. Those are the memories I’ll forever cherish.
(Chrissy Smith is the Sports Editor of Tammany West, and a former college athlete. She can be reached at


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